Friday, April 10, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A Cradle Catholic

A surprise on Good Friday yesterday!

I receive emails from CIMB everyday but this one from CIMB Wealth Advisors-Hazel Ong is new to me... Anyway Hazel attended the Men's Conference GROWING IN HOLINESS by Patrick Madrid in Miri 7-8 March 2009 of which I also attended together with valentine harry.

The Seminar is really good, I bought many books and some DVD, which will take me many months to digest.

Hazel is a cradle Catholic, read her stories here

Holy Saturday 11/4/09


hazel_archibald said...

hi mike, thx for sharing my blog with others. I'm quite new at this blogging thing. Thx 4 reading my blog and commenting on it. God bless your work with the youths in Kuching.

Small Wander said...

Hazel, good to read your blog and journey with you in faith. Happy to meet up with you last night, keep up with your blog... I ma waiting to read about your "return" journey!

hazel_archibald said...

Indeed a small world. Well, as for my story... i will eventually post it. quite long, so will need a period of peace of mind b4 i pen it down. Thx 4 following my blog.If u feel it helps other, do let others know abt it. God bless you and your family Mike!