Friday, June 19, 2009


Uncle, do you have a blog?
Yes Alyssa
May I knw wats ur Blog address? mine is
Alyssa Uncle outside.. later give you my address.
Here is it Alyssa, actually uncle created one blog to keep myself young, haha...
Like going to the Gunong Gading and Sematan Trip, really good. Thanks to Uncle Harry, Keith, Aunty Faith/Uncle George, Aunty Linda/Uncle Shenton, and the children of course. Good to have healthy activities like this, promote deep friendship and bonding too...
To build strong Faith Foundation, we need to go well beyond the text book and the class room. The LSS, the Youth Gatherings, the Mt Singai Summit, Mt Hosana, Christmas Carolling etc. Daily prayer too, of course, and don't forget the ROSARY, very important. The Rosary is The Weapon against all evils.

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